Is it so bad to want to burn? to eat laugh drink corral, to suck the spittle of a sharp nights sky and giggle along the eddy skip of pavement cracked open by… Continue reading


I dream in Jet black. In squid ink -shot from mouths of babes forty thousand leagues beneath the lowest level of hades. I dream in shades of heavy Thursday afternoon rain, in the… Continue reading


Live burnt by borrowed currents, dashed between thruck, rush and swirl of rust stained salt wave valleys. A voyager, adrift in angry sea, unmoored by the restless unchecked mind who, wide eyed, claws… Continue reading

Ho Ľoponopono

In calcified wretchedness I offer back coal lumps of doubt, reams of seamless submission, a hundred bird flights of uncertainty, rough riding regrets, a burgundy bled, burst rib aching heart and each of… Continue reading


This here is the day of the phoenix. Mark it on stone, or map it in heavens, this here is the day of rebirth, the day thirst for divine over flowed cups, to… Continue reading


What could it be This truth That writhes and tickles Etching Chalkboard nail algorithms on Washed up stone The black finger bone witch Carving unspeakable runes in the folds of virgins skirts at… Continue reading

Too hot to hold light

He said, I crave your flesh and he meant it, Like the mountain craves to thrust ruptured edges to cool in snow drenched air, like the roots of the grand oak crave earths… Continue reading


And let me show you here The wild fierce and free The eye shine glint beneath cheek packed mud blood smear on gaping jaw bone teeth fire haired as stomp foot symbols are… Continue reading

Dance in the light, walk in the dark

So they say dance in the light. We are love. We are one, And you look up from the depths of volcanic caves to think, come down here, and say that. And right… Continue reading


Cast these word irreverent in the restless night I the wanderer of yet uncast rhythms, Crooning low, sweet tongued, dark sap notes under the whispers of a midnight brushed willow. Through the grass… Continue reading


Driftless dreaming, awash in enclaves of effervescent sentience the endless tides of a grazing mind, as though Eckhart toiled in sunny fields of promise, to weave threads sewed heavy to the lids of… Continue reading


We disintegrate, particles learning divinity’s shape, aesthetics in kinaesthetic remembrance. Perplexity and complexities, honey moonlight dipped, and trickled thick across nights applause. Sonic sensibilities beat in hearts resonance of cultivated chaos, a beautiful… Continue reading